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Accessibility and Accommodations

BYU Independent Study and its programs are committed to improving web accessibility for our students and their parents. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Levels A and AA provide helpful recommendations to make web content more accessible. BYU strives to apply WCAG 2.0 recommendations.

BYU Independent Study is also committed to providing a learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates persons with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to participate in BYU Independent Study programs and activities. It is the policy of BYU to prohibit unlawful discrimination against persons with disabilities and to provide reasonable assistance in bringing them into the mainstream of campus life. To accomplish this, BYU complies with all applicable disability laws. BYU Independent Study programs differ in some ways from other university programs, so accommodations given for BYU Independent Study learning may differ from accommodations given for learning in Brigham Young University main campus classes or other universities.

Please select the type of course you want to request an accommodation for to proceed.

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