Accessibility and Accommodations

BYU is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates persons with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to participate in BYU’s programs and activities.1  In this spirit, BYU Independent Study aspires to improve web accessibility for users. While not required by law, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Levels A and AA provide a wide range of helpful recommendations to make Web content more accessible. BYU Independent Study strives to apply WCAG 2.0 recommendations where feasible, but may deviate from any recommendations that would result in an undue hardship to BYU Independent Study or fundamental alterations to program and course content and objectives. 

BYU Independent Study strives to reasonably accommodate students with specific learning needs due to disabilities. All students requesting accommodations should complete the BYU Independent Study Accommodation Request Form and submit it with supporting documentation of disability from a qualified healthcare professional. If the student attends secondary school, the student’s school counselor or parent/guardian should submit the student’s IEP or 504 Accommodations Plan. Requests for accommodations must be specific. Submitted documentation must be current within the last three years.

An accommodation request should be submitted and approved before the student starts work on each course. While accommodation requests are usually processed within three weeks, some may take longer.

Accommodation Request Form

It is the student’s responsibility to notify BYU Independent Study if he or she has enrolled in a new course and requires another accommodation. It is important to note that accommodations applied to one course do not automatically apply to another, and an additional request form must be completed for each course.

BYU Independent Study makes accommodation decisions based on the student’s documentation and its own best judgment. The following accommodations are not authorized for any reason:

  • accommodations that would result in an undue burden or fundamental alterations to program and course content and objectives
  • use of proctors not certified by BYU Independent Study
  • retroactive accommodations
  • grades based on effort
  • changes to the grading scale
  • viewing any assessment content before or after taking the assessment


  1. BYU, Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities at BYU Policy (October 28, 2005).

If you have any additional questions regarding accessibility or accommodations, please email us at or call us at 1-801-422-2868.

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