Get Ahead on Prerequisites

Scheduling classes and fitting prerequisites into your schedule can be challenging. 

Are you struggling to fit prerequisites into your schedule? 

If you feel overwhelmed at registration time, trying to piece together a schedule around study and work time, you are not alone. You may even find yourself delaying your program application or pushing back your graduation date. But there’s a great way to get ahead on your prerequisites, have a more convenient schedule, and progress steadily toward the big goal: graduation. 

Why take prerequisites online? 

If you take your prerequisite classes online, your class schedule becomes much more flexible and open for things you want to do, such as applying to a program or taking a class that’s hard to get into.  You may even be able to graduate early and start working full-time months before your classmates.  

Why take prerequisites through BYU Independent Study? 

You can sign up for BYU Independent Study online courses at any time, and they can be completed in as few as two or as many as twelve months. Thirty-day extensions are also available. Our courses are taken by students across the United States and around the world.  

Eleanor, the instructional designer for many popular BYU IS courses, says, “With Independent Study classes, students are given a whole year to complete the course, so they can do it as fast as they want. It’s a great option for summer because they can do it at home and do it at their own pace.” You can take the summer, a semester, or the full 12 months to complete your prerequisite. Regardless of when you take them, online prerequisites are an efficient way to get ahead in life. 

Check out the online university course catalog to see what classes are available to you. There are a lot of great courses ranging from science and math to language and business. 

Why not get ahead on your prerequisites now?  

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