BYU ACT Prep: Online, Labor Day Weekend, and Beyond

BYU ACT Prep Courses

The new school year will be here before you know it! If your high school student is planning to take the ACT, you may be wondering what they can do to prepare. BYU ACT Prep courses can help!  

Online ACT Prep  

Our online ACT courses help students sharpen strategy skills and gear up for the big test day. These provide maximum flexibility because the course is taken at home or anywhere you may be. During this online course, students attend live-streamed classes on Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time.  

In-Person ACT Prep 

For an intensive in-person experience, your student may want to go to an ACT Prep course on Labor Day weekend (September 3–6, 2021) in one of these locations: 

Additional intensive weekends are available at these times and locations: 

Why Take an ACT Course? 

Centered on Progression: This course is geared toward improvement—students take a practice ACT test before and after the course, which tells them how much they have learned and exactly what they need to work on. 

Excellent Advice while Having Fun: Instructors break down the ACT into manageable parts, focusing on study and test-taking strategies. Instructors will even help them learn how to cope with test anxiety and time management. 

Great Price: Our ACT courses stand out because they cost less than other courses—just $399 versus $899 (and up!). As a nonprofit education provider, we offer outstanding value. The course includes the Official ACT Guide, the Kaplan ACT Prep Plus, and a semester-length online course! 

High School CreditAs part of this online event, students also gain access to BYU Independent Study’s online ACT course, which earns a one-semester high school (0.5) elective credit. Contact your school to verify that it will accept the elective credit. Additional enrollment and an additional $50 fee are required, plus you must complete additional online activities to receive credit.  

Phenomenal InstructorsOn top of the textbooks and Independent Study course, students also get 17 hours of instruction. Our specialized instructors dive deep into each subject to teach meaningful test-taking skills and study methods that help raise test scores.  

Time to get ready! Click the links above to register now for a BYU ACT Prep course! 

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